I’ve long since wanted to share exciting things that happened in my life, interesting thoughts that I had on my way to a lecture or, more generally, anything that didn’t warrant an entire post of its own. This is my place to do just that.

It might disappear in a week if I decide this idea is stupid, or might stay up for the next 25 years, only time will tell 🤷‍♂️. In the meantime, welcome 🙂.


20. 1.

Released a new video! 🐂
It's about Theseus, Minotaur, state space exploration and it's awesome so you should check it out, since it took me way too much time to make.

13. 1.

Added something cool to the website 😭
You'll have to look around for it though.

1. 1.

Happy New Year! 🎆
Celebrated New Year's eve with my lovely girlfriend. We watched a movie and went to bed at 0:15... I feel old.


29. 12.

Played Laser Tag 🔫
Had a really fun laser tag session with a bunch of my friends! Tried to record the matches – the footage is quite blurry but still very fun: 1, 2, 3, 4.

27. 12.

Saw Avatar: The Way of Water 🌊
Went with Kačka and a few of my friends and wow, what a great movie! Despite the runtime being slightly above 3 hours, it flew by way too fast.

25. 12.

Advent of Code completed! 🎄
I successfully completed this year's Advent of Code! Although there were some problems that took a few hours (I'm looking at you, day 19), I managed to solve all of them quite reasonably and arguably better than last year.