The following is a selection from my GitHub projects that I (have worked/am working) on.

A pomodoro timer that grows procedurally generated trees and flowers while you're studying.
22 ⭐ Python
A dungeon generator, but since there are so many of them called "Dungen", this one just sounds like it.
1 ⭐ C#
An app for creating and visualizing graphs and graph-related algorithms.
21 ⭐ Python
A simple Python library for generating various kinds of Voronoi diagrams.
0 ⭐ Python
Robotics Simplified
A website for learning about robotics-related concepts and algorithms, in a simple and intuitive way.
1 ⭐ HTML
Pure Pursuit
An implementation of a basic adaptive pure pursuit algorithm in Java using the Processing library.
37 ⭐ Java
CV generator
A neat CV generator. Supports HTML, PDF and LaTeX.
1 ⭐ Python
A C implementation of GNU TAR for my university course.
0 ⭐ C