This page is dedicated to my climbing life.

Smíchoff, Prague

Smíchoff is the only gym in Prague that I frequent, since it is (in my opinion) the best one, so the vast majority of the clips are going to be from here. People are nice, prices are student-friendly and boulders are frequently changed, so it’s a perfect place to be.

The difficulty of boulders are as follows (left being the easiest, right being the hardest):


The videos are split into various sections, mostly for practical reasons (easier to find a send when you know where it is located). To see the videos from the given section, simply click on it. Additionally, colors denote the type of overhang for the section of the gym: low-angle, vertical, mild overhang, severe overhang and roof.

Alternatively, there is also a page containing all of the climbs.

Climbing Diary

The following contains my climbing diary – how many new/old boulders have I done (and links to them). It also serves as a convenient way to view the most recently sent boulders.

The format for each color is as follows: repeats/new sends [video, links].