This page is dedicated to my climbing life.
Last climbing session: 22. 11. 2023 at home ↩.

A photo from Smíchoff's Boulder Challenge A photo from Smíchoff's Boulder Challenge
A photo from Smíchoff's Boulder Challenge A photo from Smíchoff's Boulder Challenge
A few photos from Smíchoff's Boulder Challenge (15. 6. 2022). © KAREA foto

Boulderhaus, Heidelberg

Since moving to Heidelberg for my Master’s degree, Boulderhaus is the gym that I frequent. The setting is quite old-school (compared to the walls in Prague that I frequented), mostly difficult moves and hard positions as opposed to dynamics.

Note that since Germany’s private and public filming laws are quite strict, each of the videos from Boulderhaus were ran through a face blur software. I realize that the chance of someone having a problem with them walking by in one of my videos is slim, but I’d rather not risk it.

Kilter board

The Kilter board has been a bit of an obsession of mine ever since moving to Heidelberg. The holds are much more pleasant compared to other boards (like Moonboard) and the app is quite simple to use.

Here are links to sections with all sends given certain grades, along with the number of videos:

6c (2) 7a (10) 7a+ (14) 7b (11) 7b+ (4) 7c (1) 7c+ (1)

Smíchoff, Prague

Smíchoff was the only gym in Prague that I frequented, since it is (in my opinion) the best one, so the vast majority of the clips in previous entries are going to be from here. People are nice, prices are student-friendly and boulders are frequently changed, so it’s a perfect place to be.


The following contains my climbing diary – how many new/old boulders have I done (and links to them). It also serves as a convenient way to view the most recently sent boulders.

Since there there are some other walls that I visit from time to time (mostly thanks to some of my friends), here is the list of icons that you might see in the journal entries:

Icon Wall Location
Boulderhaus wall icon Boulderhaus Heidelberg, DE
Studiobloc wall icon Studiobloc Mannheim, DE
Smíchoff wall icon Smíchoff Prague, CZ
BigWall wall icon BigWall Prague, CZ
Jungle Letňany wall icon Jungle Letňany Prague, CZ
Boulder Bar wall icon Boulder Bar Prague, CZ
Třináctka wall icon Třináctka Prague, CZ
LokalBlok wall icon LokalBlok Prague, CZ
Boulder Point wall icon Boulder Point Liberec, CZ
Mandalawall icon Mandala Dresen, DE

The format for bouldering is old sends/new sends [video links], left-to-right from easy to hard. Videos marked F are flash sends while videos marked A are just regular non-flash ascents.

The format for sport climbing is Name (difficulty, type), top-to-bottom from when it was climbed during the given day. The difficulty is in whichever norm the guide is, with the type being either onsight (climb without having seen the route), redpoint (climb with some prior attempts) or top rope (climb with the rope in the anchor).

Each of the videos are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0, so kindly respect it if you plan on using any of them for uses other than personal.



      • 23. 11. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 7x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-5 | 5-10 | 5-5 with slow push-up | 5-5 with slow push-up
      • 22. 11. 2023 (at )

      Another small comp with friends. Still weak.

      • 21. 11. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 4x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      Getting back to training. Still feel weak.

      • 20. 11. 2023 (at )

      Fun session with my sisters. Feel weak.

      • 13. 11. 2023 (at )


      • 11. 11. 2023 (at )
      • 5 3

      Fun new moves.

      • 8. 11. 2023 (at )
      • 5 4

      Didn't like the routes much. Had a small setting/climbing competition with some strong friends after, was fun!

      • 6. 11. 2023 (at )
      • 5 4 1

      Was sick for a long time. Thought it would be a disaster but it wasn't too bad!

    October (best send)

      • 28. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 3 5 [AAAA] 1 [A]

      The new reds were either blues or low-key blacks. Fun either way!

      • 26. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 3 5

      The new reds were fine, sadly no new blacks. Also finished up some other reds I missed and spent the rest of the session making some custom boulders 🙂.

      • 25. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 7x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-5 | 5-10 | 5-5 with core | 5-5 with core
      • 24. 10. 2023 (at )

      I thought it was Wednesday... suffice it to say it is not and there we no new routes so I just messed around on some custom boulders.

      • 23. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 8x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-5 | 5-10 | 5-5 with slow push-up | 5-5 with slow push-up | 5-5 with slow push-up
      • 22. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 4 4

      Fun chill session. Was still tired from yesterday but managed to send most of the new reds (besides the one that's black in disguise).

      • 21. 10. 2023 (at )

      Took a bit of a short break to be ready for the Studiobloc funcup and had a blast – the setting was more modern and the routes were exciting, sadly there were too many people so I couldn't try some of the routes without having to wait 10 minutes...

      • 18. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 3 1

      Training: core.

      Did the new black! The new reds weren't too bad either, managed to send them too. My skin (and body in general) is feeling a little worn though so I'll tone down the training for a little bit until I feel better.

      • 16. 10. 2023 (at )

      Training: core.

      The new black is not too insane after all. Managed to do it in two links, almost managing to send it (but messed up my skin in the process). Will try next time, we'll see how it goes.

      • 14. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 4 4 [FFF]

      Training: core.

      The new reds were fine. The new black on the other hand is insane, will try more next time. Fun session!

      • 13. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 9x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-5 | 5-10 | 5-5 with slow push-up | 5-5 with slow push-up | 3-3 | 3-3
      • 12. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 3/2 3 [AAA] 2 [AA]

      Training: core.

      Pretty happy with today's climbing, managing to do the new reds (and one forgotten), along with two of the blacks that I haven't yet done.

      • 10. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 5x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      Training: core.

      • 9. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 2/5 1/3 [AAA]

      Training: core.

      The new reds were a bit of a fight (was pretty tired from yesterday's hangboarding) but managed to do them all in the end.

      • 8. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 7x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-5 | 5-10 | 3-3 | 3-3

      Training: push-ups, core.

      • 7. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 6/3 1/1 [A] 1 [A]

      Training: push-ups, core.

      Managed to send the hard red (more like black) and felt decent.

      • 6. 10. 2023 (at home)

      Hangboard: 7x8 reps of hang 8s / break 4s with 120s in between

      • exercises: 3-3 | 3-5 | 3-7 | 2-2 | 5-10 | 3-3 | 3-3

      Starting to train on the days off from climbing, let's see how long I last 😀.

      • 5. 10. 2023 (at )
      • 3/5 1/3 1

      Took a very long break, during which I was climbing only sporadically. I've been feeling pretty good again recently (mostly due to the break), so, with the start of the next semester, I plan on starting to record my climbs and also add training days to the journal too.


      • 10. 9. 2023 (at )
      • 3 3

      Very low motivation. Feeling weak.


      • 16. 8. 2023 (at )
      • 5/3 2/3

      Felt a little better. Managed to send the new reds and another really hard one.

      • 14. 8. 2023 (at )

      So it turns out that not climbing for a solid month will make you climb worse. Who could have guessed?


      • 19. 7. 2023 (at )
      • Kilter (40°): 7a+: 5 7b: 2

      It's still rough.

      • 17. 7. 2023 (at )
      • Kilter (40°): 7a: 1 7a+: 3 7b: 2 7b+: 2

      Getting back to Kilter. It's rough.

      • 15. 7. 2023 (at )
      • 4 4

      Did all of the new reds except one. Could be worse?

      • 14. 7. 2023 (at )

      Nothing new, mostly messed around but managed to make some moves on the black yellow, which was pretty surprising as it is as far from my style as possible.

      • 12. 7. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3

      Felt a little better 🙂.

      • 10. 7. 2023 (at )

      Hotter than last session.

      • 8. 7. 2023 (at )

      An infernal hell.

      • 5. 7. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3

      The new reds were tricky (at least the slab ones) but managed to do them relatively quickly.

      • 3. 7. 2023 (at )
      • 4 5 [AAAAA]

      Felt worse and did not have a blast, everything felt really hard.

    June (best send)

      • 29. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 4

      Felt pretty bad but still had a blast.

      • Gerdina (7a)
      • Gerdina Links (Crazy Fins) (7b)

      Hot damn, I managed to link Perkeo from like the 2nd or 3rd move, doing the crux move with relative ease. It's crazy to think that the first time I tried the route I couldn't even lift of the ground. Send next time?

      • 23. 6. 2023 (at )

      Fun session with my sisters which came to visit from the Czech Republic.

      • 21. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 4 1

      Too much gravity today.

      • 19. 6. 2023 (at )

      Sent M1 from the competition, tried M2 (can't do the dynamic move yet) and spent the rest of the session on the (arguably) coolest black they set in a long while.

      • 17. 6. 2023 (at )

      Managed to come 8th in the Drop Knees not bombs competition, which I'm very happy with (considering how many extremely strong climbers showed up). Don't think I could have done better now but am very motivated to do so next time!

      • 13. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 10/4 4/5 [AAA]

      The hangar boulders felt either very easy or very hard.

      • Gerdina (7a)
      • Gerdina Links (Crazy Fins) (7b)

      Spent a whole session on Perkeo. At the beginning, I couldn't do any of the moves. By the end, I had some pretty good links and feel very optimistic about sending (that could come crumbling down very quick). I also did Gerdina + Gerdina Links a few more times to further practice the topouts.

      • 8. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3 [AAA] other: 1 [A]

      Did the new boulders and then messed around 🙂.

      • Gerdina (7a)
      • Gerdina Links (Crazy Fins) (7b)

      Not a whole lot of progress, mostly just got more comfortable with Gerdina / Crazy Fins (since most harder routes have them as topouts). Next session will be fully dedicated to Perkeo.

      • 3. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3 [FAF] 1 [A]

      I'm really happy to send the new black, was quite a fight!

      • 1. 6. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3

      Only 3 new easy reds ☹️. Spent the rest of the session just messing around.

    May (best send)

      • 30. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3

      Only 3 new reds ☹️.

      • Riesenspaß (7b)
      • Gerdina (7a)
      • Gerdina Links (Crazy Fins) (7b)

      Managed to do Crazy Fins quite handily, getting more comfortable with the bottom and finding a better beta for the top. Also tried Perkeo and, I've got to say, that will be quite a challenge. Philosophenweg first maybe?

      • 24. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 3 4

      Did all the new reds (flashed all but the easiest one 😀) and made a lot of progress on the hard blue with some other strong people.

      • 22. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 3 4

      Really cool new reds and a stupidly hard new black.

      • Riesenspaß (7b)
      • Gerdina (7a)
      • Reason Spaß (7b+)

      Did more work on the Crazy Fins variant, reaching the second to last hold multiple times, but couldn't quite make it. Also found out that Reason Spaß I did last time starts lower, so I sent it properly today.

      • 18. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 2/3 3

      The red with green holds gave me quite a fight but managed to send it in the end.

      • 15. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 5/5 1/3 [AFF] 1 [A]

      Once again did all of the new routes 🙂!

      • Riesenspaß (7b) [video]
      • Reason Spaß (7b+) [video]
      • Südostkante Untere Variante (7a) [video]

      Managed to send some fun boulders 🙂. Started projecting Perkeo and the Crazy Fins (8A), it fits my style quite well I think.

      • 11. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 8/4 2/4 [AAA]

      Again did all of the new routes. The white hold red was awesome.

      • 9. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 4/1 1/1 [A] 2 [AA]

      Managed to send the black I attempted last time and also sent the other one without cheating 🙂.

      • 7. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 5 4 [AAAA] 1 [A]

      New setting is fun! Cheated one black and did the moves of the other.

      • 4. 5. 2023 (at )
      • 5 2/2 1

      After a nice few-day rest, I'm happy to have done the new reds (the orange was more of a black, though).

    April (best send)

      • 29. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 4/4 2/3 [AAA] 1 [A]

      Did all the new boulders. Felt pretty strong so I think I can start recording again 🙂.

      • 26. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 3 2 1 [A] / Kilter (40°): 6c+: 1 7a: 3 7a+: 1

      Sent the new reds and the previous black. Also went Kilterboarding again and oh man am I weak, the difference between now and before winter is absolutely crazy.

      • 23. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 2/1 2 1

      Fun sesh, I actually managed the black from two settings back! Also tried the newest black but the top is stupid (got the other moves though) so I'm not climbing it.

      • Workflow (7a+) [video]
      • Gerdina (7a)

      Went outside. Was weird, no tapes and the holds weren't colored.

      • 17. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 2/4 4 1/1
      • 15. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 3 7
      • 13. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 4 4/3 [AA] other: 2 [A]
      • 10. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 6 5 1 other: 1
      • 5. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 3/5 2/3 1

      Pretty fun session on the new routes.

      • 2. 4. 2023 (at )
      • 8 5 1

      Again did all of the new routes, flashing all reds and making quick work of the new black. Actually feel pretty strong, will start recording the routes again soon.

    March (best send)

      • 31. 3. 2023 (at )
      • 2 7/2 1 other: 1

      Did all of the new routes, including the rather hard black and the weird comp-style one. Feeling stronger.

      • 28. 3. 2023 (at )
      • 4 8

      Climbed some older routes, mostly for training.

      • 24. 3. 2023 (at )

      Climbed the new routes in the hangar and messed around with some custom routes.

      • 22. 3. 2023 (at )

      Still felt pretty bad but managed to send some decently hard routes.

      • 18. 3. 2023 (at )

      First climbing after getting sick. Was a pretty weak session (despite sending a black) so I won't be recording my sends until I'm happy with my climbing again.

      • 8. 3. 2023 (at )
      • 3 2 1

      Finished up one of the blacks from the last setting and spent a session on the new one, this will be a tough fight (got all of the moves though!).

      • 6. 3. 2023 (at )
      • 5 2

      Fun new routes 🙂. Sadly, my tripod broke, so no videos for a while 🫤.

      • 4. 3. 2023 (at )

      A really fun session at Smíchoff! The routes felt pretty hard and I'm not sure if they got harder or I got weaker. Ah well...

      • 2. 3. 2023 (at )
      • 7 7 [AAAAA] 1 [A]

      Did the routes from Saturday and those outside, only the hangar remains. It's getting warmer outside so climbing isn't too bad, will give them a go next time 🙂.

    February (best send)

      • 25. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 5 6/2 [AAA] 1 [A]

      More new routes, sadly not too many difficult ones.

      • 20. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 7 1/5 [FAAA] 1 [A]

      The new routes were fun 🙂.

      • 18. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 9/4 3/3 [FAF] 1 [A]

      A very productive session! Did all of the new reds, the kneebar black (first try) and tested out a route from the set they were building, which was very neat. Can't wait to try the rest!

      • 14. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 3 1 2 [AA]

      Did the previous black and another one that I forgot about. I couldn't do the new black, because the kneebar really hurts my skin (not to mention that the crimps numb my fingertips), which is quite infuriating.

      • 12. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 4 5 [AAFA]

      Did all of the new reds and linked the new black. The previous black (actually both of them) will have to wait for next time 🙂.

      • 8. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 2 1

      Did one of the new reds, the other was easy but there were a lot of people. I also made amazing progress on the new black, falling multiple times from the last hard move – I'm 100% sure it will go down next time.

      • 6. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 3 3 [AA]

      Not a bad session at all! Managed to finish up the reds (including the two hard ones from before) so I can now start focusing on other fun stuff.

      • 4. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 2 2/1 1 [A]

      Did the black from a few settings back and a hard red from the newer sets (forgot to record, oops) so I'm pretty happy, despite still not feeling too strong.

      • 2. 2. 2023 (at )
      • 20 6 [FFFFAF]

      Had a long break so today's session wasn't all that great.

    January (best send)

      • 24. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 1 [A]

      Did the black from the new set, it wasn't too bad. I also got very close to sending the black from the last setting, only finding the correct beta at the very end of the session (at which point I was too tired). Will definitely send it with ease next time.

      • 22. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 3/12 1/5 [AAAAA]

      Another new set of new routes with some pretty hard reds and a new black which I'll have to look at next time. Felt pretty doable, though.

      • 20. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 3 3 [AAA]

      Fun new routes 🙂. The new black is very doable.

      • 17. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 3 1

      A really weak day. Some of them have to be that way 🙂.

      • 15. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 2 2 [A]

      Depsite not a lot of routes sent, I made good progress on the new red (more like black) and the actual new black, both being quite long and powerful.

      • 12. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 4 3 3 [AAA]

      A relatively strong session, confidently sending 3 new blacks (almost 4, the blue in the back was a little too powerful for this session) and generally feeling quite good.

      • 10. 1. 2023 (at )
      • 🎄 1 [A] 3 7 [AAAAAA]

      Finished all of the red ones, which I'm happy with, in addition to the Christmas coordination dyno which was actually quite hard. Slowly getting back into it...

    • Feels good to be back 🙂. I still feel pretty week, but it should hopefully pass after a few sessions.

    • Had a super weak session with a friend but still had fun 🙂. The Christmas potato salad was a blessing and a curse, it would appear.


      December (best send)

        • 23. 12. 2022 (at )
        • 6a+: 1 6b: 2 6b+: 1 6c: 4 7a: 4 7a+: 2 7b: 4 7c: 1

        A really fun session at Boulder Point in Liberec because I wanted to do as much – climbing as possible before eating a bath tub of potato salad and losing all of the progress that I've made in the past months (I wish I was kidding lmao). Also, if you're reading this, I wish you the very best in 2023 and hope that you send all your projects ❤️.

      • Home, sweet home. Went to Smíchoff with my sister and was not disappointed! The dynamism and new-school setting is a breath of fresh air, compared to the old-school setting in Boulderhaus. The routes were great and I'm pretty happy with my climbing

        • 18. 12. 2022 (at )
        • 🎄 1 3 4 [AAAA]

        The new blacks are insanely hard, which is nice – there's something to do 🙂. I did two of them in two parts and I know that I can send both, but the third one is quite long and it has a paddle move at the end (which will is hard to do even in isolation), so I'm not sure about that one.

        • 15. 12. 2022 (at )
        • 🎄 1 [A] 2 2/3 [AAA] 1

        Did all of the new routes, the red ones were actually pretty difficult!

        • 13. 12. 2022 (at )
        • 1/2 5 1 [A]

        Did the last black one (and some forgotten blues), all boulders done again.

        • 10. 12. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 2 4 [AAAA]

        New boulders were nice – fun reds and a very hard black which I think I can do but will take me a little bit 🙂. Also there were burgers and although they were vegan, they tasted pretty good!

        • 9. 12. 2022 (at )

        A casual session, mostly climbing older routes and making up new ones 🙂.

        • 8. 12. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 3/4 3/3 [FAA] 1/1 [A]

        Finished all boulders from the new set so I still have all the problems! I think I should focus on Kilter board now, but it's super cold outside ☹️.

        • 6. 12. 2022 (at )
        • 🎄 1 [A] 2 2 [AA] / Kilter (50°): 7a+: 3 [AF]

        So yeah... I did all of the problems in the gym. Feels nice! I then went to Kilterboard but failed pretty badly, because it was 50°, which I'm not very used to ☹️.

        • 4. 12. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 5 3 [AA] 1 [AA] other: 2 [AA]

        A very long but fun session. I did all of the new routes (besides the red in the roof which I'll do next time when I'm fresh) and then messed around on a bunch of custom problems. I also helped with setting of today's christmas boulder problem, which I think turned out very well 🙂.

        • 1. 12. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 3 1/3 [AFA] 1/1 [A]

        Fun session! The new black went down with quite a neat beta and I managed to send the red in the roof while also making good progress on the other red in the roof (which is more like black).

      November (best send)

        • 29. 11. 2022 (at )
        • 1/1 [A] / Kilter (40°): 6b: 2 6b+: 1 7a+: 4 [AAFA] 7b: 4 [AFAA] 7b+: 4 [AAFA] 7c: 1 [A] 7c+: 1 [A]

        An absolute monster of a session where I managed to send not only a 7b+, but also a 7c and a 7c+, achieving my end-of-the-year goal with style. Oh and the black did go down this session 🙂.

        • 27. 11. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 5 [AAAAA] 1 [A]

        Had a lot of fun with the new boulders. Managed to do all but one black where I fell from the top ☹️. I got the moves completely down though so I'm pretty confident that I can do it next session.

        • 24. 11. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 3 4/2 [AA] 1 [A]

        Yet again a strong session. I sent all of the new hard boulders – including a new black – but I didn't use the intended beta, which made it easier. I tried the intended beta and fell from the top so I'm pretty happy 🙂.

        • 22. 11. 2022 (at )
        • 3 1 2/1 [A]

        Again, a pretty strong session in which I managed to do the new black, and then spent rest of it just messing around on custom boulders.

        • 20. 11. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 5 [AAAAA] 1/1 [AA]

        A pretty strong session! I did the new black in two parts (will link next time) and managed to do all of the new reds. Also, I did both of the blacks from the previous setting (one repeat and one new), so I honestly can't complain 🙂.

        • 18. 11. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 2/6 1/4 [AAAA] 1 other: 1 [A]

        Pretty decent session. I did the new reds (along with some from the hangar that I haven't been to yet) and the black that I mentioned two sessions ago. I figured out a totally different beta though so it was like climbing a totally new route (will hopefully get it on video next time). Also messed around a bit with some fun custom routes (see video).

        • 15. 11. 2022 (at )
        • 2/1 [A] / Kilter (40°): 7a: 1

        A pretty weak session, not much more to say 🙂.

        • 13. 11. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 8 6 [AAAAAA]

        Fun session back! The new routes were quite neat, I did a few of the red ones and made really good progress on one of the blacks (got all of the moves down), so it will hopefully go down next session, along with the remaining reds 🙂.

        • 5. 11. 2022 (at )
        • 1 [A] / Kilter (40°): 6b: 1 6c: 3 6c+: 2 7a: 1 7a+: 1 [A]

        A pretty terrible session (despite sending a new black). It was really no wonder since I'm sick as of writing this entry (6/11/2022). I'll take a few days of rest, recover and hopefully come back stronger 🙂.

        • 3. 11. 2022 (at )
        • Kilter (40°): 7a+: 1 [A] 7b: 1 [A]

        Had a pretty weak session on the Kilter board, so I stopped after a short time and just messed around on some easier routes in the gym, which was pretty fun.

      October (best send)

        • 30. 10. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 4 [AAAA]

        There were new boulders on the island. The blues were pretty hard and a few of the red ones also (still missing one). There are two new blacks, one of which is very endurancey (so I don't think I can send it), but the other is very powerful and I've done all the individual moves, so it should go next time.

        • 27. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 3 2 / Kilter (40°): 7a: 2 7a+: 1 [F] 7b: 4 [AAA]

        Another pretty good session. The goal of doing a 7c seems to be quite a bit more difficult since the jump between 7b and 7c is quite large. Nevertheless, I tried a few 7cs and 7c+s and I think that some will go down in a few sessions.

        • 25. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 2 2 1 / Kilter (40°): 6c: 3 7a: 3 [FAA] 7a+: 3 [FF] 7b: 1 [A]

        A very nice Kilter board session! Sent some nice 7as, 7a+s and a 7b (that I had absolutely no chance at a few sessions ago) relatively easily, with really good attempts on some other difficult routes that should hopefully go down next session!

        • 22. 10. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 5 [AAAA] 2 [AA]

        New routes were pretty fun! There was one easy dyno, some harder crimpy stuff and one coordination move. I also managed to do the hard black from a few sessions ago! After doing the easiest black of the new ones, I don't think that I want to try the other two because one hurts my fingers and the other is insane!

        • 20. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 7 1 [A] / Kilter (40°): 6c: 2 6c+: 3 7b: 1 [A]

        Good session! I finished the 7b from the previous session but the 7c will be a bit more difficult (the top is unexpectedly hard), so I might need to find a different one to train for. Also, one of the new reds will go next time with a sneaky beta I found.

        • 18. 10. 2022 (at )
        • Kilter (40°): 6a: 1 7a: 4 [AFFF] 7a+: 3 [FFF] 7b: 1 [F]

        A fun Kilter board session. I did the first 7b and a bunch of 7a/7a+, which was nice. I also made individual moves on a 7c which I think I'll do next time. It's nice to see some progress from the previous session!

        • 16. 10. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 3 [AAA]

        The new set was pretty neat! There are still two remaining reds that I think will go down in the next session, but we'll see – my first priority is the black. It will actually probably be the next session over, because I'd like to focus a bit more on Kilter boarding.

        • 15. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 2 / Kilter (40°): 6c: 2 [FF] 7a: 3 [FFA]

        Despite feeling pretty good, I didn't manage do send the black from the previous session, although falling twice from the top ☹️. That was a bit upsetting so I spent the rest of the session Kilter boarding, which was fun (not a lot of hard sends but some fun moves)! I'll try to do a proper Kilter board session in a few days.

        • 13. 10. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 1/3 2/4 [AAAF] 1 [A]

        I sent the black that I fell from the top of, along with some neat new reds. I also managed to figure out the beta of one really hard black that I'll work on next time, it felt absolutely amazing to link it all together and it definitely feels doable on a strong day.

        • 11. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 2 2 [A]

        I sent two new blacks and fell from the top of a third one so today was a pretty good day! I also met a few new friends that also sends hard boulders so I think I'll be mostly going in the evenings. It is a bit more crowded but being able to climb with good climbers is a worthy trade-off.

        • 10. 10. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 7

        I felt pretty strong so I managed to send quite a few of the new reds (besides the very endurancey ones) so we'll see if they'll go down next time 🙂.

        • 8. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 3 / Kilter (40°): 5c: 1 6a: 2 6b: 1 6b+: 2 6c: 1 7a: 1 7a+: 1

        A pretty fun session (mostly training). The Kilter Board is absolutely amazing and I think this is where I'll be spending most of my time, since the routes itself aren't all that interesting.

        • 7. 10. 2022 (at )
        • 5 6

        Goodbye Smíchoff, hello Boulderhaus! Since I'm getting my Master's degree in Heidelberg, this will be my home gym for the foreseeable future. While the quality of the builders and their difficulty definitely lacks behind Smíchoff, the training facilities are excellent (Moonboard, Kilter Board, huge training section, etc.).


        • 20. 9. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 5 2 1

        The new routes are super fun! I know that I'll be able to do one of the remaining two blues (the other one being very long and I don't think I have endurance for it). The two remaining yellows seem tough, I'll have to give them some time 🙂.

        • 13. 9. 2022 (at )
        • 3 2/1 1

        Surprisingly sent one of the old salmons that Danny built that I thought were impossible. Well, it turns out that bringing chalk with you and crimping with all your might makes it quite doable! I also figured out the beta for one of the more difficult yellows, so we'll see if it goes next time.

        • 8. 9. 2022 (at )
        • 4 1/1

        Sent some more salmons and made good progress on the yellows, but I'll need to get much stronger to send any of them.

        • 5. 9. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 1 2 1

        Cool albeit very difficult new routes.


        • 26. 8. 2022 (at )
        • 6 2 1 2/2

        Today was a pretty strong day! I managed to send two of the remaining three yellows from the new set and a whole bunch of other routes.

        • 24. 8. 2022 (at )
        • 2 1/1 1

        Only managed to send the remaining salmon, but made some real progress on two of the hard yellows!

        • 22. 8. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 3 1/4 1/3

        New set is not too bad except some of the yellows and one salmon. I hope most of them will go next time.

        • 17. 8. 2022 (at )
        • 2 2 2 1/1

        Stoked about sending one of the two remaining hard yellows (and two hard salmons)!

        • 14. 8. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 5 2 6 4

        Felt pretty happy with my climbing today. I'm not as strong as I'd like to be but still managed to climb a few difficult routes.

        • Dodo (5b, onsight)
        • Thyimianriss (5c, onsight)
        • Max (5c, onsight)

        The routes were pretty and relaxing, I'm quite happy 🙂.

        • Via Claudia (4b, onsight)
        • Elefantenhaut (6a, onsight)
        • Ribok (6a, onsight)
        • No pain no gain (5c+, redpoint)

        Third day felt great, all the climbs felt good and were really beautiful. I also got revenge on the route I didn't onsight on the second day, it felt great.

        • No pain no gain (5c+, onsight with resting)
        • Sabinaka (5a, onsight)
        • Se kleine problem (4c, onsight)

        Second day, I was a little bummed to not onsight a 5c+, but the only difficult part of the route was very difficult to read, resulting in resting. The rest of the routes were quite easy.

        • Bizi Hypo (5a, redpoint)
        • Andrea (5c, redpoint)
        • ? (5a?, onsight)
        • Birdie (6c+, top rope)

        First day of my trip to Croatia, managed to redpoint a few easier routes that I've climbed before, but also top roped a difficult one which I'm pretty stoked about.


        • 28. 7. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 3 2/3

        Again felt pretty weak, but managed to climb most of the new routes (besides yellows, which are again stupidly difficult).

        • 15. 7. 2022 (at )
        • 1

        A slower day (felt pretty weak) but made progress on the last blue from the new set and tried a few of the new yellows, at least one of which I feel is doable (not sure about the others).

        • 13. 7. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 4 6

        Pretty fun session. The new routes are well built and appropriately difficult for their grade, which I haven't seen for quite a while. I also ticked off a difficult slab, which is neat!

        • 6. 7. 2022 (at )
        • 2 1/1

        A fun session with my SO. Managed to send one of the blues from the previous setting and made progress on others with some cheeky beta.

        • 4. 7. 2022 (at )
        • 2/1 1 3 3

        Today was a surprisingly good day! I ticked of quite a few of the new yellows, all of the new blues and am looking forward to finishing some harder routes that I've missed in the previous settings.


        • 17. 6. 2022 (at )
        • 2 [AA] 2 [AA]

        Had a pretty bad day. I climbed poorly and felt weak, which is likely due to how infrequently I've been climbing for the past month.

        • 15. 6. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4

        I won another Smíchoff boulder challenge! I only missed 2 yellows from the new setting (one of which is literally impossible), so I'm pretty happy! I'm a little sad about the format change, since it was enough to only climb the most of the hardest difficulty and nothing else, meaning that I only climbed 4 difficult boulders.


        • 30. 5. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 [AAFA] 3 [FFF] 1 [F]

        The sprained ankle is pretty ok now. Technique was awful this session despite this – most of the routes were pretty easy, and I climbed them all very poorly. The last blue and the two remaining yellows will be a challenge, we'll see how they go.

        • 25. 5. 2022 (at )
        • 2 [AA] 1 [A]

        Third session with the sprained ankle. It still feels weird to climb with it, but I managed to make very good progress on some of the yellows from the last setting, along with finishing the remaining salmons.

        • 23. 5. 2022 (at )
        • 2 3
        • 19. 5. 2022 (at )
        • 1 1/1 [AA] 1/3 [AAAA]

        The second Smíchoff session with the sprained ankle. Felt pretty okay, managed to climb the rest of non-yellows from the last set (except two, had no strength left).

        • 17. 5. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 3 2 [A] 4 [A]

        The first Smíchoff session with the sprained ankle. Managed to climb some blues and salmons, but still felt pretty bad.

        • 5. 5. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 4 [AAA] 1 [A]

        I had a pretty bad session, because I managed to sprain my ankle, so yey!

        • 3. 5. 2022 (at )

        Not really sure what I did, I think that I just climbed random stuff for fun.


        • 30. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 2 [A] 1 1/1 [A]

        Had a fun session. Managed to do one of the yellows, which is neat – 3 more to go!

        • 27. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 3 [A] 1/1 [AF] 1

        One of the routes were slightly adjusted and one entirely rebuilt, so I rerecorded both. Additionally, there were three new salmons that I didn't try before, all of which I did (sadly my recording equipment died so only one is recorded). I made progress on some of the yellows that I haven't done, but they will be tough.

        • 18. 4. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 3 [FFA] 6 [FAAAFA] 2 [AA]

        The new routes are neat! All of the ones easier than the yellows are a bit too easy and went mostly on first and second tries. I think that some of the yellows will be very quite difficult, as I managed to only send 2/6 this session (but make good progress on some of the others).

        • 14. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 1 [A]

        Managed to do the one in the 45 that I said I'd do! It took quite a while and it was barely enough, but a send is a send. Let's see how the next set will look like.

        • 10. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 2 3 3 1

        Started working on the one in the 45 and also on the jump from the previous setting (which I found a new beta for). Felt pretty weak so didn't climb anything new.

        • 8. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 2 2 [AA] 1 [A] other: 1 [A]

        The blue in the 45 was modified so I'm counting it as a new climb, since it got harder. Besides this, I managed to send the two remaining salmons on my first attempt and am now trying to piece together the yellows. I think that one of them will go (likely the one in the 45), while the other will be a bit too difficult for me. I also climbed the comp-style boulder in the back, which was fun!

        • 5. 4. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 6 2 [FF] 4 [FAAA] 1 [F]

        The new set is nice! The salmons are much tougher than the blues, but they're doable. Only two salmons remain, but they will definitely go down next session.

        • 3. 4. 2022 (at )

        I figured out a functional beta for one of the two yellows from the previous setting after about an hour, so I didn't have the strength to do it. Next time!

        • 2. 4. 2022 (at )
        • 1 5 2

        Went to Boulder Bar with a friend to do a moonboarding session, only to find out that there was a youth bouldering competition and that the moonboard is inaccessible. The session was still a lot of fun despite this 🙂.


        • 29. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 1 [A] 1 [A]

        I honestly don't really remember what I did, only that I got the videos of the routes from the previous setting that I climbed but didn't record.

        • 27. 3. 2022 (at )

        Went to Mandala in Dresen today and it was absolutely great! There was a competition yesterday so I had a chance of trying both the qualification and the finals boulders – they were tough but I did manage to get 80/100 on one of the final ones (not trying the other two for too long), which I'm quite proud of.

      • Went to climb early in the morning (6:30!) so my performance was not the best. Despite this, I managed to record almost all of the new routes I climbed already. Update: I went climbing for the second time in the evening, finishing up the easier yellow from the last set.

        • 23. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 9 6/4 7/2 6

        Competed in the Smíchoff boulder challenge today and won! I'm very happy with my performance, not being able to climb only 3 yellows and 1 blue (that is as hard as a yellow). Note that I'm counting the ones that I did on Monday as new if they were changed between then and today.

        • 21. 3. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 4 4 1 [A]

        New routes are cool, if somewhat difficult (at least the blue ones). Out of the yellows, only one is doable – the other two are very tough. I also sent the yellow that I mentioned last entry, which is a nice bonus!

        • 18. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 2 1 6

        I fell from the top of one of the remaining yellows twice today! It was quite motivating, since I thought that I had absolutely no chance, but I apparently do! I'll hopefully send it on Sunday/Monday.

        • 14. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 2 1 [A] 2 3/2 [AA]

        I had no idea that I would be able to do both of the remaining yellows from the previous setting yet here were are! I found easier beta for both, so they were quite doable. Really looking forward to the new boulders!

        • 11. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 2 2 2/2 [AAA]

        Today was again great! I unexpectedly climbed two new yellows – one in the 45 and one from the previous setting. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to climb any more new routes until next setting, since the remaining ones are truly difficult.

        • 9. 3. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 5 4 [AAAA] 4 [AAAA] 4 [AAAA]

        The new set is great! Most of the yellows were quite easy, only two remain (one of which I'm confident will go). I will give them some attempts on Friday and we'll see how it goes.

        • 6. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 3/2 [AAA] 4/1 [AA] 1

        A pretty ok session. I did the remaining blues and salmons, so now only three yellows remain. They're all tough, so I'll see whether I'll be able to do any of them. I also remembered that there is one yellow from the previous session that I came very close to finishing, so I'll give that one a shot too.

        • 4. 3. 2022 (at )
        • 1/1 [AA] 4 [AAAA] 1/1 [AA]

        I took a bit of a longer break due to school-related deadlines, but I'll hopefully get back to climbing three times a week now. I felt really strong and managed to send one of the new yellows, but the two remaining ones still seem quite hard. Besides this, I'm still missing two tricky salmons and one blue, which I should hopefully finish next session.


        • 22. 2. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 2 5 2

        The new routes are quite nice! There are three tricky salmons that I haven't done but am confident I will be able to do. Out of the new yellows, two were super easy and the rest seem very doable. Only one blue remains and it should also go. I sadly forgot my recording equipment again, so I'll record the routes next time.

        • 20. 2. 2022 (at )

        I made great progress on the yellow in the 45, which I'm stoked about (I thought it was impossible). I fell 1 hold from the top like 4 times in a row but I'm confident that I'll climb it soon™.

        • 12. 2. 2022 (at )
        • 7 3 6 [AA]

        A fun session with my sister and Lukas. I got the two recordings of the last blues that I haven't done (although both are a bit scuffed, since I didn't control top as well as I should have, but the beta is there).

        • 11. 2. 2022 (at )
        • 3 4 [AAAA] 6 [AA]

        I haven't been able to send either of the blue rebuilt boulders, nor the new yellows (although some progress has been made).

        • 8. 2. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 5 4 3

        New boulders! I felt decently strong, so I managed to all of the new salmons and blues (besides one, which will be made easier so there is no point in climbing it now). The new yellows will be tough, but I think that at least two should go (in time). I also forgot the tripod, so I'll have to record them next time – however, I just found out that the smaller tripod that I got with the camera will actually be much better for recording, as it is much more compact and probably stable enough.

        • 3. 2. 2022 (at )
        • 2 3 3/1 1 [A]

        Second session after going through Covid. I felt pretty weak, but still managed to climb one of the three yellows from the new set and the last unclimbed blue (lost the video though, will need to re-record it next session). I'm confident that one of the remaining two will go, but the other one seems insane.

        • 1. 2. 2022 (at , new boulders)
        • 4 5 [AAAAA] 5 [AAAAA]

        First session after going through Covid. I felt pretty okay, but my technique was a bit off and my strength/endurance was worse than before. Luckily, most of the new routes are relatively easy (besides the new yellows, all of which are quite difficult).


        • 22. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 1/5 1

        The Jungle comp section kicked my ass. It was mostly my fault, since I didn't warm up properly, got pumped and climbed poorly. I still managed to climb some new routes!

        • 18. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 3 3 6 2

        The shoulder felt a bit sore, so I'm not up to 100% of my power. Unsurprisingly, the last remaining yellow from the previous set didn't go down, despite a few attempts. I did manage to link the yellow in the overhang, which was a bit surprising, but linking it will be tough and, since they're taking it down in a few days, likely undoable.

        • 16. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 4 4 5 5

        I practiced the last remaining yellow from the previous set, but sadly managed to pull something in my shoulder (since the crux move is a huge shoulder press). I'll refrain from trying this one for a bit.

        • 14. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 1 2 4 2/1 [A]

        One of the last yellows went down. It wasn't the one I thought it would be, though – I skipped the crux on the impossible yellow because I'm tall. I think the other one will be doable, but it's much harder than I anticipated – the top is very much not free.

      • The new climbs are all quite easy (like a grade easier than they should be) – most videos are flash attempts. However, the remaining two yellows will be a bit tough – one should go down next session, but the other seems quite impossible (when Danny says it's hard, it's likely impossible).

        • 7. 1. 2022 (at )

        An interesting climbing gym. The type of climbing is quite oldschool (so not my cup of tea), but still a nice change of pace.

        • 6. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 1 2 2 4

        Went climbing with a few of my friends (tried sport climbing too), so I didn't climb too hard. No new routes, just some repeats.

        • 5. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 4 1 1 [A] 3

        The session not bad! I managed to do the last blue (and boulder) from the previous build, and found a functional beta for the yellow that I previously thought would be too hard.

        • 3. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 1 1 1

        I climbed very poorly. However, I did manage to improve on the remaining yellow one and discover a very nice beta break on the last blue from the previous rebuild, which will go down next time (it is very, very powerful).

        • 1. 1. 2022 (at )
        • 1 1 [A] 1 1/2 [AA]

        Managed to do the hard salmon and two of the three leftover yellows. Only one remains, but I've got a feeling that it will be very difficult...



          • 30. 12. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 4 4 [AAAA] 4 [AAAA] 3 [AAA]

          New boulders! The blues were not too hard and neither most of the salmons (besides one, which is a yellow). I also did half of the new yellows and figured out beta for the remaining 3, so they will hopefully go down on Saturday.

          • 27. 12. 2021 (at )
          • V5: 1 V6: 2 V10: 1

          Tried another new wall called Třináctka (thanks, Lucas!). It was quite nice, but definitely not as good (and cheap) as Smíchoff, nor as high-quality as Jungle (namely its competitive section).

          • 22. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 3 7 4

          Went to Jungle Letňany today and it was quite refreshing! Their comp section was quite exciting but difficult, I did two blue ones, but I know I can do better than that.

          • 20. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 2 1 2

          The last blue is tough. I found a cheeky beta that is very dynamic and skips the hardest moves, but is very low-percentage. Will try to do it next time.

          • 18. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1 [A] 2 [AA]

          Climbed more than I thought I would! I finished all of the new yellows, so only one blue remains (I finished the tough red too). Besides this, I managed to do the salmon double dyno from the set before this one, which was a nice surprise.

          • 14. 12. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 5 4 [AAAA] 3 [AAA] 1 [A]

          Decent session. Managed to get all new salmons and almost all blues (one is quite hard). Also, one of the remaining yellows will definitely go. This, however, cannot be said for the last red that I haven't yet done, since it's as hard as a blue.

          • 11. 12. 2021 (at )

          Went to Boulder bar with a few friends. It was a pretty nice change, but I'm eager to go back to Smíchoff soon. Coincidentally, Adam Ondra was just visiting Prague and was at the boulder bar. It was very humbling and inspiring seeing him flash all my red projects... still a long way to go.

          • 8. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 3 3 3 1 [A]

          A little better than the previous one. I managed to climb one of the yellows from the last setting with an alternative beta – the send attempt looked a bit sketchy, but it felt much more stable than jumping.

          • 6. 12. 2021 (at )

          Bad session. I don't even know what I climbed and felt super weak the entire time.

          • 4. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 2 1 4

          Not great, not terrible. I didn't manage to do any of the boulders that I set out to, but they'll go next time.

          • 2. 12. 2021 (at )
          • 1/1 [AA] 2/1 [AAA]

          Pretty good session. I made some real progress on the easiest yellow, which should hopefully go down next session. There is one salmon and one blue remaining, but both are very hard (maybe like a yellow).


          • 30. 11. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 5 3 [AA] 4 [AA]

          The new routes are quite a bit harder than the previous set. Nevertheless, it went pretty well, considering that I had a bit of a break from climbing (although I did miss one journal entry from a week ago because nothing interesting happened).

          • 17. 11. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 5/5 6/5 6/4 4/3

          There was a rebuild on Monday and a boulder challenge today. It went surprisingly well – I climbed all of the new boulders that were easier than yellows (which I'm very happy about, since my endurance is quite poor), and three of the new yellows, ending in the 2nd place, only a few points after the insanely strong Lukáš Mokroluský. There are two other hard yellows that I think I can finish next session, and a new long-term project yellow.

          • 14. 11. 2021 (at )
          • 3 [A] 2 1/1 [A]

          I found an awesome new beta for the yellow jump from the last build and managed to do it today. Now I really don't know what to work on. Luckily, there will be new boulders on Monday.

          • 10. 11. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1/1 2 2/1 [A]

          As I said, both the yellow in the 45 and the salmon one (which I sadly forgot to record) went down. Now I'm not really sure what to work on, everything else seems quite impossible...

          • 8. 11. 2021 (at )
          • 3/1 [A] 4 [A] 1

          I spent the session trying the last salmon, which is actually pretty hard. I'll get it next time, I've got the beta down (but didn't have the strength to link it). I also figured out better beta for the one in 45 and managed to link it, I'm very confident in sending it next time.

          • 5. 11. 2021 (at )
          • 1 3 [AAA] 1 [A] 1 [A]

          I finished the yellow that I messed up last time (fell from the top). Also finished the salmon ones that weren't yet built last session (except one, which has a weird beta). The yellow in the 45 seemed pretty doable today, I'll try to link it next session.

          • 2. 11. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 5 1/1 [AA] 4 [AAAA] 3 [AAA]

          The new routes all seem pretty easy. I'm honestly not sure whether I'm getting stronger or the climbs are getting easier. Of the three remaining yellows, I think the jumpy and the traverse one will go, but the volumy one seems completely impossible.


          • 30. 10. 2021 (at )

          I projected the yellow in the 45 (almost got the top sequence done) and the one on the island (literally fell while matching the top hold). I'm very confident in finishing the one on the island next session, and linking the one in 45.

          • 28. 10. 2021 (at )

          Second sport climbing session, this time at Smíchoff. I did some 7's and an onsight of 8, which I'm pretty happy about. I then finished up with some bouldering, getting closer to climbing the new yellows.

          • 26. 10. 2021 (at )

          I started doing sport climbing! This session was spent at Big Wall and was bad, because I'm not very good at sport climbing. I'll still try to do a sports climbing session once in a while to improve my endurance, which at this point is quite lacking.

          • 24. 10. 2021 (at )
          • 1/2 [AAA] 2 [AA]

          I did the salmon in the 45 (it was actually pretty easy, just pumpy) and one more on the island. Then I again projected the new yellows.

          • 22. 10. 2021 (at )

          I just projected some of the new yellows.

          • 20. 10. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 4/5 4/2 5/3 2

          I attended the boulder challenge! It was quite difficult and not really what I'm used to (climbing a lot of boulders), but I managed to came 5th. If I had more endurance, I'm pretty confident I could have made the podium. Next time 🙂.

          • 18. 10. 2021 (at )
          • 3 3 1/2 [AA]

          I took a bit of a break, but it was worth, since I managed to send two new yellows! I also previewed some new boulders for the boulder challenge on Wednesday, I'm quite interested to see how well I do.

          • 12. 10. 2021 (at )
          • 2 3 2 1

          The other doable did not go down this session, but I got extremely close and am pretty confident that I can climb it (either next session or the one after that).

          • 10. 10. 2021 (at )
          • 2 2 5 1 [A]

          One of the doable yellows from the new rebuild went today, the other will go next session (found a new beta that works well). The third one is really hard, but seems doable (eventually, given enough pinch strength and skin).

          • 8. 10. 2021 (at )
          • 1/1 [A] 2/2 [AA]

          I finished the two easy blues that I mentioned last session and the weird salmon one. The rest of the session was spent on working on the two yellows that actually seem very doable.

          • 6. 10. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 4 4 [AAAA] 3 [AAA]

          In the new rebuild, all of the blues (besides one) feel very easy, same as the salmon ones (again, besides one). However, the yellows feel completely impossible. I'll try to finish the two easy blues that I haven't done next session, and will begin working on the yellows after that.


          • 30. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1 1

          I made more progress on the blue in the overhang, which I've managed to piece together for the first time today. I also tried the easiest yellow I haven't climbed yet and made a few good attempts too, it will hopefully go soon.

          • 28. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 4 3/1 [A] 5 6

          I felt pretty weak again today, so I just climbed some boulders that I've climbed already. Besides that, I managed one new salmon with a really weird beta and real progress on the hard blue in the overhang.

          • 26. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 2 1/1 [AA] 1 [A] 1/2 [AAA]

          The two easier yellows from the new boulders went down, along with the last blue (super nice coordination move, weird end) and the last salmon too. I also managed to repeat the yellow one that I haven't filmed yet. Now to start projecting the other yellows, which are just brutal...

          • 24. 9. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 3 4 [AAA] 3 [AAA] 1 [A]

          The new boulders feel harder than the previous batch (namely the yellows). I still feel a bit sick (had sore throat and fever 2 days ago), but I still managed to do some salmons, blues and even a yellow. Next time should feel much better.

          • 19. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 2 [AA] 2 [AA] 1 [A]

          Although I took a break for more than 10 days and it definitely feels like it, I found a very nice beta for the new yellow that I sent, which is super nice. I also did two new blues and filmed some salmons that I missed last session (because my battery died).

          • 8. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 3 2 [AAA] 2 [AA] 1 [A]

          The new boulders should be finalized at this point. I still have yet to do two the last two new yellows, but they're very tough. The camera died halfway through the session, so they will be recorded in the next few sessions.

          • 7. 9. 2021 (at , new boulders)
          • 2 4 1 2

          Most of the new boulders were built. I did quite a few of them, but I'm recording only the ones that weren't changed. None of them were recorded because of this, but will be in the next few sessions.

          • 6. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 1 2

          Today was worse. I felt much more tired and wrongly assumed that there will be new boulders today, which there weren't. I made some good attempts on the last yellow on the pool and the hard blue in the ball, at least.

          • 4. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1/1 [A] 1

          Today was not good. I felt tired, but at least still managed to do the crimpy salmon that I struggled with. Also, I made many more tries on the last yellow one in the pool, but no dice – at least I got the beta down!.

          • 2. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 4 1 2 [AA]

          I completely forgot about those two yellows, because I felt pretty weak when I first tried them. Today was quite different though, as both of them went in only a couple of tries!

          • 1. 9. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1 1/1 [A]

          The entire session was spent on the last two yellows from previous setting that I haven't yet done. The first one went after about 20 tries and I managed to make all individual moves on the second one, so today was quite a success!


          • 23. 8. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1/1 [A]

          First session with new shoes (Skwamas). The yellow was surprisingly not bad. Also, I made progress on two other yellows that seem pretty difficult, but will probably go after a few attempts.

          • 20. 8. 2021 (at )
          • 1 5 [AAAAA]

          It seems that the rest day really worked, I managed to do 5 new blue ones and real progress on a new blue and a yellow, both of which will hopefully go next session.

          • 17. 8. 2021 (at )
          • 1 1 1 [A] 1

          Today was a pretty tired day, considering the climbing I did yesterday. At least I finished the blue one I made progress on yesterday and tried a few new yellow ones to do.

          • 16. 8. 2021 (at )
          • 4 1 [A]

          I had my second Covid shot on Friday and was out for the entire weekend, so it was surprising that I managed to do the yellow one and make progress on a few blue ones!

          • 13. 8. 2021 (at )
          • 3 [AAA] 1 [A]

          Today's gravity felt pretty good!