I occasionally create videos about math/computer science that I put up on my YouTube channel. They are created mainly using Manim and their source code can be found here.

This page contains a list of all of the released ones (by category and date), along with links to their YouTube and downloads in various resolutions.

Graph Theory

Thumbnail for the 'Cayley's Formula' video 2021/10/06 – Cayley’s Formula [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'The Blossom algorithm' video 2021/08/23 – The Blossom algorithm [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'Weak Perfect Graph Theorem' video 2021/06/01 – Weak Perfect Graph Theorem [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'Vizing's Theorem' video 2021/04/28 – Vizing’s Theorem [YouTube] [720p/1080p]


Thumbnail for the 'Thesesus and the Minotaur | Exploring State Space' video 2023/01/20 – Thesesus and the Minotaur | Exploring State Space [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'The Remarkable BEST-SAT Algorithm' video 2022/08/16 – The Remarkable BEST-SAT Algorithm [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'Bathroom Tile Programming' video 2021/12/31 – Bathroom Tile Programming [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]


Thumbnail for the 'Undirected graphs can't equal a polynomial... or can they?' video 2023/02/04 – Undirected graphs can’t equal a polynomial… or can they? [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'What does this weird C program do?' video 2022/11/16 – What does this weird C program do? [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]

Thumbnail for the 'Encoding Numbers using Dots and Parentheses' video 2022/11/14 – Encoding Numbers using Dots and Parentheses [YouTube] [720p/1080p/2160p]