This section of the personal website is dedicated to my curriculum vitae. For additional information, feel free to contact me at tomas [at] slama [dot] dev (if you’d like to, use my RSA public key), and to browse through my GitHub profile.

Also, there is an up-to-date PDF version (neatly typeset in TeX\TeX), if you’re interested.

Job Experience


System administrator at [KAM]
My work includes network and server management, handling software and hardware issues and other IT-related things at the Charles University.


High-school programming course lecturer
I used the VEX Edr robot kit and Python to teach basic concepts of robotics, CADing, algorithms and data structures, writing a textbook about VEX V5 programming in the process.



Charles University [website], CZ
I am getting my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the Charles University.


Westtown School [website], USA (scholarship)
received an ASSIST scholarship (as one of the 4 people from the Czech Republic in 2017) to study at a private US highschool for one year. My focus was mainly on robotics and programming.


Turnov Grammar School [website], CZ



Florodoro (2021, Python – PyQt5) [GitHub]
A pomodoro timer that grows randomized plants while you're studying.

Grafátko (2019–2020, Python – PyQt5) [GitHub]
An app for creating and visualizing graphs and graph-related algorithms.


Robotics Simplified (2018–19, Jekyll + Python) [website] [GitHub] [paper]
A website for learning about robotics in a simple and intuitive way.



Czech (native), English (bilingual) and Spanish (elementary)


KSP and ProTab event organizer and lecturer
– YouTube channel about computer science (see my videos)
– rock climbing (see me climb), snowboarding, slacklining
– photography (see my photos)
– indie computer games, chess