This section of the personal website is dedicated to my curriculum vitae. For additional information, feel free to contact me at tomas [at] slama [dot] dev (if you’d like to, use my RSA public key), and to browse through my GitHub profile.

Also, there is an up-to-date PDF version (neatly typeset in TeX\TeX), if you’re interested.



Charles University [website], Czech Republic
I got my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the Charles University in Prague, with a specialization in Theoretical computer science.


Westtown School [website], USA
I received an ASSIST scholarship (as one of the 4 people from the Czech Republic in 2017) to study at the Westtown private boarding school for one academic year.


Turnov Grammar School [website], Czech Republic



System administrator at the Charles University
My work includes network and server management, the handling of software/hardware issues and other IT-related things at the department of Applied Mathematics of the Charles University.


Vex EDR programming lecturer at the Turnov Educational Center
As a part of a government grant, I wrote a textbook [PDF] about Vex EDR programming, which I then used to introduce concepts of programming and robotics to children of ages 12–18.



Clis and Cled (2021–present, Python + C#) [website] [GitHub] [whitepaper]
Tools for automatic climbing hold scanning and virtual route editing. This includes an Arduino-powered turntable which automatically takes pictures and converts them to 3D models, along with a cross-platform editor to place them on the wall.


Florodoro (2021, Python) [GitHub]
A pomodoro timer that grows randomized plants while you're studying.

Grafátko (2019–2020, Python) [GitHub]
An app for creating and visualizing graphs and graph-related algorithms.


Robotics Simplified (2018–19, Python) [website] [GitHub] [whitepaper]
A website for learning about robotics in a simple and intuitive way.

FRC Robot Codebase (2017–18, Java) [website] [GitHub] [whitepaper]
I was the lead programmer and driver for the FRC team 1391, implementing the robot code for that year. We reached the world championships in Detroit and received the Innovation in Control Award for my robot's autonomous code.



Czech (native), English (bilingual) and Spanish (elementary)


– creating YouTube videos about Computer Science (see my videos)
– organizing CS-oriented camps and seminars (KSP, ProTab)
– photography (see my photos)
– rock climbing (see me climb), snowboarding, slacklining